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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Will on multiple projects, and Will has beeen fantastic through out. Will is exceptional in his versatility – he has the rare ability to combine beautiful UI with great usability; he is a great manager that looks after and grows the people around him; and he works hard to juggle multiple projects and keep things moving. Ling Xiao

Co-Founder of Playdom, purchased by Disney Interactive

William was an instrumental partner in influencing both MySpace and Facebook to make the strategic changes necessary for gaming companies to succeed on their respective platforms. Will’s creativity, ability to articulate challenges and opportunities to both creative and business types alike and his general like-ability were a true asset. Will was also one of the most effective and well liked managers at Playdom. Will is a consummate professional who excels in his field. I only hope we have an opportunity to work together again in the near future.

Marianne Borenstein

Director Platform Relations & Customer Experience, Disney Interactive (Playdom)

I worked with Will on various projects across Playdom before asking him to join my studio as an Art Director. In every instance Will made himself indispensable, doing whatever was needed to move us beyond roadblocks – whether that was researching rare technical issues in Flash or a creative twist with the art. Though where Will really shines is his management skills. He was able to build and nurture a team of Artists and UI experts, allowing us to deliver a game on an extremely short timeline that raised the bar for hidden object games on Facebook.

Justin Gibbs

Director of Product, Disney Interactive (Playdom)

Will Hall is one of the most talented designers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. He has a deep understanding of users and their needs and desires, and has the visual chops and experience to design great experiences for them.

Will has a keenly developed visual sense. He can create beautiful and polished visual works himself, but is equally skilled at guiding others to produce their own excellent work. Will knows how to drive towards a goal too: He does not allow ego get in the way in the way of delivering the right-fitting creative work (or guidance) for the business needs of a project.

Will is a champion manager bar none. I personally watched him mentor a great many employees, developing them within their own careers and goals, from raw recruits into spectacular team contributors. He did this within both the Art and Interaction Design disciplines, even helping some who didn’t directly report to him. I have also seen him step in to turn design efforts around, rescuing projects and features without ever bruising the egos of others.

Will understands business strategy and the bottom line. On many occasions I’ve seen him sift through a huge array of design possibilities and unearth the best one to serve both the users’ goals AND the company’s business interests. He is helped by the fact that he is also a talented presenter. I watched Will present new designs to companies including Facebook, actually winning them over to strategic redesigns that benefited both our company and their own.

Will’s talent and dedication to his craft make him a rare breed in the creative field – a brilliant creative who can also manage, thrive, and communicate with team members from all disciplines. I would hire him again in a heartbeat, and would urge any prospective employer to give Will Hall their strongest consideration

Peter Odum

Director of Creative Services, Disney Interactive

I worked closely with Will on our last project and I was thoroughly impressed with his ability to consider and balance strategic issues, creative concepts and practical considerations. Will is conceptually creative and strategically-minded and also has the skill and experience to take a concept and execute it with a craftsman’s attention to detail. He also has a great attitude that makes it very fun to collaborate with him. He would be an excellent addition to any creative team

John Moruzzi

Producer/Product Manager, Disney Interactive (Playdom)

User experience has a direct tie to revenue, and this is where I trust Will Hall. Will gets UX on rails from day one. His ideas are consistently aimed at moving metrics that drive your business, taking the subjectivity out of interface design and replacing it with research and testing. I have never seen another designer put so much discipline and foresight into their work. Will puts extraordinary effort into understanding our users and their environments. He wields this knowledge to create highly effective experiences. I’ve seen Will’s work succeed, he is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him again

James Gauthier

Software Engineer, Disney Interactive (Playdom)